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Our Boone’s Professional Events family hopes that you and yours are staying safe and healthy as we continue to practice Social Distancing and the new Safer At Home regulations.



We are all safe and well, and doing what we can, working remotely, to help our clients with postponing events and moving dates wherever we can.

At the same time, we know there are recently engaged couples and businesses who are anxious to keep their planning moving forward for fall and 2021 dates.

Our team is diligently working to respond to inquiries and follow up with information and availability.



Our incredible photo booths are a huge part of our Boone’s Professional Events’ popularity in the Tampa Bay and Orlando wedding and events scene.

And with that, we have always had procedures and precautions in place to keep our valued clients safe. After each event, our fantastic photobooth attendants sanitize all of our equipment and disinfect all of our props.

When the time comes for us to take everything out of storage and once again provide fun and memories for your family, friends, and clients, we will be continuing to keep this practice in place and even more mindful of your safety.

We know that our fun, unique props are part of the guest experience. In addition to the precautions, we already have in place are exploring the option of offering you single-use props that your guests will use and take with them or dispose of them.



Our DJs will be hard at work too, working behind the scenes with existing clients to assist them with playlists and song selections.

For the most part, our DJs are heard but not seen. We are typically working in the background to make sure that your guests can hear your wedding vows, that your Honor Attendants can be heard while making their toasts and that we keep the dancefloor packed.

 Our DJs will be making sure that all of our equipment is wiped down and sanitized as it is shipped off and set up for your upcoming event.

With all that said, we’re here for you. We are keeping you and your families in our thoughts and prayers. We are fielding calls and emails to help you navigate your changes or plan an upcoming event, and we’ll be here to make sure our equipment is safe and sanitized.