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As DJs who work with a lot of couples planning weddings, our Boone’s Professional Events team is pretty sure that with all of your wedding planning, you probably haven’t thought about a song for when you cut your wedding cake.

Of course not, you’re too busy picking your favorite cake flavors and designing your wedding cake.

Truthfully, for most couples, they don’t realize they NEED to pick a song for the cake cutting.

Why Have a Cake Cutting Song?


It’s pretty simple. Have you ever been in a building and noticed they were playing “elevator music”? Probably not – until you ride in an elevator where it’s so quiet that it’s creepy.

Something as basic as a song for your cake cutting keeps the reception flowing. Dead Air is not your friend.

Cake cutting, itself is pretty quick and easy. But the ‘stuff’ that surrounds it takes some time.

The wedding guests all have to gather, the photographer wants to make sure you are at the right angle and get a few photos before your guests start snapping away. Three to four minutes of dead air feels like a lifetime.

Picking A Song


Picking a song isn’t all that tough; you probably heard something at a wedding you have attended and thought ‘oh that’s cute’ – and you never think about it again until someone asks you what song you want.

Most times couples are picking songs just because they have cake, sugar or sweet in the title or the lyrics.

You don’t have to know who the 1960’s group The Archies are to know their song “Sugar, Sugar”. The same goes for the group Average White Band and “Cut The Cake”.

You can probably add “Cake By The Ocean” to that list too.

 Top Cake Cutting Songs


We polled our Boone’s Professional Events team of DJs for the number one most requested cake cutting song and the survey said: “Marry You” by Bruno Mars!

Not necessarily a sugary sweet, cake song, but definitely a fun, upbeat wedding song perfect for the occasion.

Recently, The Knot compiled a list cake cutting songs with “How Sweet It Is” by James Taylor taking the number one spot.

Check out their 15 Sweet Songs to Play During Your Cake Cutting

Cake cutting songs are fun, light and keep us from having four minutes of dead air. So, don’t overthink it… just picking something fun!

Speaking of fun, another great song is the Maroon 5 hit song “Sugar”  – we love their video for the song where they crash weddings all over LA!