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Sometimes what you don’t play at your wedding can be just as important as what you play. And, our Boone’s Professional Events team works with our couples to make sure that they really think about both lists.

Push Play


Your playlist takes some thought because a good bit of it is very personal.

This portion involves music for your introduction, first dance, parent dances, bouquet, and garter if you are including those, your cake cutting and the last song of the night.

While part of this list might be ‘your song’, something your mom or dad specifically asks for or your party jam; your DJ can walk you through some of the ideas for your specific events.

Filling The Dance Floor


The rest of your playlist is always the most challenging.

Did you know that after all of the special dances, toasts, and dinner you actually have about enough time at your wedding reception for about 25-28 songs?

DJs see couples giving them a list of 40 to 50 songs – so the question becomes which ones are really important to you?

The other challenge is: the songs the two of you put on your Must Play list while sitting on the sofa, watching NCIS, on a Tuesday night are not the same songs that pack the dance floor.



Beats Per Minute – your Must Play list probably has a really, really wide range of BPM, putting the tempo of the music all over the place.

Sometimes, not picking all of the music is the smartest thing you can do.

Your DJ is trained to be able to read the crowd. They will open up the dance floor on a high note, follow what genre gets people up and dancing, slow things down a little bit before things like cake cutting and end the night with a packed dance floor.

Talk to you DJ about a few favorite Must Play songs with special meaning and then give us a list of some of your favorite musicians or genres and let the DJ read the crowd and mix in the music that gets people moving.

What NOT To Play


Yes, having a Do Not Play list is important – but don’t drive yourself crazy.

If his exes name was Caroline, you might want to add Sweet Caroline to your list. But beyond that only put songs in the list that are really painful for you.

Too often songs like Cupid Shuffle make the list, not for any special reason, but that line dance type of song often gets people of a certain age up and dancing.

Special Requests


We know that throughout the evening wedding guests will come up to the DJ and request a song.

Rest assured that if that song is on your Do Not Play list we will delicately steer away from it. We also do the same with songs that might be played for a special moment later in the evening or something that might not be ‘grandmother approved.”

Grandmother Approved


Weddings include a really wide range of ages and musical tastes – grandmother approved refers to those songs with some questionable lyrics.

They are often the ones where the tempo and instrumentals sound like something to get people moving. But when you really look at the words you would probably not want your grandmother to hear this song at your wedding.

At the end of the day, trust your DJ. Our Boone’s Professional Events team is here to guide you through the process. We are always happy to answer questions, make suggestions and read the party to keep guests engaged.

Call our office at 727-475-4789 to discuss your upcoming wedding or event and how our team will make your day a huge success.