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Our Boone’s Professional Events DJs take pride in the fact that we work with every couple to ensure that they and their wedding guests have a great time.

For us, having a great time involves more than mixing awesome music; it includes facilitating introductions and toasts too.


Now, as the Tampa Bay area begins to reopen and we see more weddings, our job also includes doing our best to make sure everything we do keeps our couples, wedding guests, and our team comfortable, safe and healthy.

We are checking in with our clients and venues to confirm restrictions and comply with their requests, as well as keeping up on local laws as they continue to change.

Our Boone’s Professional Events team will continue to wear protective masks, as required by most of our local venues. We also stock hand sanitizer and Lysol disinfectant for each event.


Microphones play a big part in making sure that your guests hear every special moment of your wedding.

Before anyone makes a toast, offers a welcome, or gives a blessing, we check to see if they would like it wiped down before we hand over the mic. Additionally, we always work with a second wireless microphone for DJs use.


As part of our planning process, couples share with us the songs they want to hear. And yes, we also get a Do Not Play list too.

But, we also know that song requests from wedding guests happen all the time. Unfortunately, hearing wedding guests with our headphones on and working on mixing songs can get tricky and is not always socially distant.

We’ve developed the perfect system for the post-COVID 19 system for song requests! We’ll be adding a sign to our DJ set up with a phone number for wedding guests to text us their songs requests. It’s simple, easy, and socially distant!

Our Boone’s Professional Events is thrilled to be back celebrating with our couples and their wedding guests. We will continue to do everything we can to make sure you feel safe and have a great time.

For more information on our upcoming availability and additional safety precautions contact out Boone’s Professional Events team at  727-475-4789 – we look forward to hearing from you soon!