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Who knew back in January of 2020, when our Boone’s Professional Events team wrote the blog post “Photo Booths Will Be Hotter Than Ever For 2020,” what the year actually had in store for us?

Even with the craziness last year we saw when people came together for Tampa Bay weddings and events, our open-style photo booths were requested all the time. People wanted to create memories and knew they could spread out in the photobooths and have fantastic photos to take home or post on social media

Our New Photo Booths

Open Style Booth has a little more streamlined look, we added some fantastic new backdrops, and we’re keeping it a little old school while others are taking some shortcuts.


What’s New About Open Style Photo Booths?

The new open-style photo booth is entirely self-contained and takes up very little space at your event. We love the unique smaller footprint.

That Barn Door Is Really Cool!

Thanks! The rustic barn door backdrop is only one of more than a dozen new backdrops – and we can order custom backdrops for clients.

So, Why Is Old School Better?

We continued with the old-school way of using a DSLR Camera and Dye Sub Printers. We know that’s a little technical, but basically, DSLR Cameras are what you find most professional photographers using. And Dye Sub Printing is a process that gives lab-quality photos.

May other photo booths incorporated iPads, and the quality just isn’t the same. And inkjet printers tend to bleed and fade when printing images. Our goal is to provide the highest quality photos possible for all of our events.

Additionally, all of our photo booths can text the photos and send gallery links right after a session.  This is cool because you can immediately see the picture and share photos with friends by text.  We also upload all of the images to an online gallery.  This gallery can be used to purchase custom prints and even a coffee mug with your favorite friend on it!


Our Boone’s Professional Events team looks forward to chatting with you about our new photobooth and availability for your upcoming Tampa Bay wedding or event.

Be sure to check out some of the images take with our new photo booth from the 2020 Have a Heart Fundraiser!